Producer & Director Interviews

Director Gaylene Barnes in discussion with Jonathan Ayling on the Free Speech Union podcast
– 8 September 2023

More than any other one thing, COVID-19 has defined our past 3 years. But are we starting to thinking about it, or talk about it in fresh ways?

Executive Producer, Robin Monotti, discusses River of Freedom with James Freeman on TNT Radio
– 7 September 2023

"The New Zealand convoy and parliament protest created a community that remains, despite the police brutality used to stop it" says Robin Monotti

Director Gaylene Barnes with Peter Williams on Reality Check Radio
– 4 September 2023

Peter Williams is joined by Gaylene Barnes, Director of the documentary ‘River of Freedom', to discuss the mainstream media's attempt to label the documentary as ‘disinformation'.

Gaylene Barnes in conversation with Chris Lynch Christchurch’s Newsroom
– 2 September 2023

STUFF reporter accuses documentary of disinformation without seeing it. An email sent by a Stuff reporter to a New Zealand filmmaker questioning the content of a yet to be released documentary has provoked concern over journalistic principles.

Jared Connon in conversation with Paul Brennan on Reality Check Radio
– 17 August 2023

Jared Connon joins Paul to talk about his much-anticipated documentary covering the Parliament protest of 2022.

Jared Connon chats with Sean Plunket on The Platform
– 15 August 2023

An update on the documentary