River of Freedom is a feature documentary in post-production about Convoy NZ 2022 and the Parliament protest during February and March 2022. It tells the story of who the people were, why they were protesting, and what happened.

This film is an intimate journey with New Zealanders protesting the Government mandatory vaccine laws and human rights abuses. Ignored by politicians and ridiculed by media they peacefully occupy Parliament grounds for 3 weeks until riot police are sent in.

We need funding to complete the post-production. PLEASE SUPPORT the making of this film and help us screen it in theatres!

We are a collective of professional filmmakers who support inalienable human rights, the freedom to choose and media without censorship. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us. Thank you to our team of independent filmmakers who volunteered their time.

X Gaylene, Mark, Jared, Sonny, Ben P, Ben V, Jacqui, Heidi, Meagan, Dane, Jordan, Briar Rose, Aaron, John, Ryan, Chucky, Russ, Greg and all have shared with us. Ngā mihi nui. Noho ora mai Aotearoa New Zealand.