River of Freedom is a feature documentary film about the Parliament protest, 2022.

“Thousands of New Zealanders begin a convoy to Parliament on 6 February 2022 in protest of government overreach and mandatory Covid-19 vaccination laws. They set up camp, rejecting many Covid restrictions in favour of connecting with others after months of segregation. An alarming assault by police on February 10 fails to remove protestors; rather it shocks the nation and brings thousands more to camp on the front lawn of the Beehive. 

Sprinklers, repetitive annoying music, bright lights and a cyclone fail to dampen the spirits of the growing ‘Freedom Village’, inhabited by a diverse cross-section of New Zealanders. Despite their differences, they are united in demanding an end to legislated discrimination. End the mandates! A High Court win is cause for celebration, however the protestors are ridiculed in the media and ignored by all Members of Parliament. Heartbreakingly, the village is destroyed by riot police on March 2.”

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