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Emanual E. GarciaDeluge of Truth – a powerful documentary about the 2022 New Zealand protests against mandates, 10 September 2023

BCBNZ Review, 10 September 2023

Stephen Franks
Commercial and Constitutional Lawyer, 7 September 2023


It showcased the incredible diversity we have, culturally, ethnically and religiously and how this is a strength to be cherished.

Brucehamilton-15787, IMDb User Review

While most people have seen the ‘mainstream’ talking points about the event, this documentary focuses on the perspectives of the people at the protest.

y-51088, IMDb User Review

A documentary funded by the people, for the people from experienced film makers that will take you on a wild ride. A New Zealand piece of history.

WildAloofRebelNZ, IMDb User Review

We just saw it and drove 1.5 hours to see it in Dargaville. You have told this important story so well. I was tearful through most of it. I want all of Nz to see it. I’m a middle class grandmother. Still a working lawyer. Couldn’t believe I was living in mandate land when it happened. And your story heals and vindicates those hurt by the tyranny we felt in our lives at that time. 

Private message

Powerful movie. Moved and so proud of the people who stood up, an amazing reminder of skills and love coming together.

C Woolley, Facebook Comment

Absolutely awesome 👏🏽 thank you so much for the time & energy put into making this taonga. It brought a lot of memories back, was heartbreaking & heartwarming all at the same time, but also healing ✌🏽💜

l Whitehead, facebook Comment

Loved it. You and the team did a great job. There was a great crowd at the 3pm session at Rialto Cinemas Newmarket today.

j Elkington, facebook Comment

It was amazing and so well filmed and edited. It is a story of such courage but also of such shame.

R Hewetson, Facebook Comment