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We finally have a moment to catch our breath and say...

Thank you for helping us get this far in the making of our River of Freedom film. We're almost there and we wanted to update you about where we are at.

River of Freedom is a feature documentary due for release in cinemas later this year. Sharing the inside story of the New Zealand Convoy and Parliament protest in February and March 2022 - who the people were, why we were there, and what actually happened!

We are independent professional filmmakers; many of us were mandated out of the film and media industry. We were right there with you from the beginning, filming the convoy to Parliament from Cape Reinga and Bluff, capturing the heart of the protest over the 23 days.

Through your combined support we have raised over $80,000! This money, as well as thousands of volunteer hours, has enabled us to:
  • travel across New Zealand to continue interviewing people;
  • engage extra film editors;
  • employ a production coordinator to help keep the project on track;
  • initiate a marketing strategy and team in preparation for the film’s release;
  • create marketing materials - we are loving our poster and are working on our website www.riveroffreedom.nz;
  • commence our sound mix with one of the top sound designers in the country;
  • work with an internationally renowned film composer;
  • collaborate with a cinema distribution coordinator;
  • make and release several teasers - our theatrical trailer has just been edited and will be out soon!
We are thrilled to have an amazing soundtrack from artists all over Aotearoa and around the world! Have you seen our latest clip from the film featuring Eric Clapton's "This Has Gotta Stop"?! A great freedom song, and a very generous gift!

The film has been edited and is now with our sound designer and colour grader... we could not have done this without you!! And yes there’s still more work to do.

We love that our film is independently funded. To get as many people as possible into cinemas to see the reality of what happened, it's crucial we secure further funding. We need at least $75,000 to get us through this next stage of post-production and marketing.

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Ngā mihi nui!

Gaylene Barnes

Jared Connon

River of Freedom - A Feature Documentary