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24 November 2023
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RIVER OF FREEDOM congratulates incoming government on plans for COVID-19 inquiry

The creators of the RIVER OF FREEDOM film wish to congratulate the incoming government for its promise to undertake an inquiry into the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as a “matter of urgency”. We understand that all COVID-19 vaccine mandates still in operation will be ended, and the inquiry will focus on vaccine procurement and efficacy as well as the use of multiple lockdowns and the social and economic impacts on both regional and national levels, and whether the decisions made, and steps taken, were justified.

"We want to broaden the terms of the COVID inquiry so that it considers more things," incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon told reporters today announcing his coalition deal with ACT and NZ First. "It's going to include a range of topics including social but also economic impacts as well."

In December, then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a Royal Commission of Inquiry into New Zealand's COVID-19 response, but it was not to include decisions by clinicians, or vaccine efficacy, in its probe. NZ First leader and incoming Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters campaigned on holding a more wide-ranging probe into the pandemic response.
Feb 2022: Peters talking with anti-mandate protestors, while all members of the House of Representatives agree to ignore the people occupying Parliament lawn.
We hope that our incoming coalition government fully accept and acknowledge the negative effects of vaccine mandates enforcing 'No Jab, No Job; the divisive introduction of vaccine passes; and most importantly, the overwhelming number of vaccine injuries and ongoing medical repercussions. These conditions address many of the requests by protestors during their 23 day occupation of Parliament in February and March 2022 as highlighted in the RIVER OF FREEDOM film.

The incoming government has also agreed to repealing the Therapeutic Products Act, and ensuring a ‘National Interest Test’ is undertaken before New Zealand accepts any agreements from the United Nations, and its agencies, which limit national decision-making. The Government will reconfirm that New Zealand’s domestic law holds primacy over any international agreements.

However, it appears that the incoming government has not yet agreed to review the safety of the Pfizer vaccine, or address how the vaccine injured and those mandated out of employment will be compensated. And according to the Coalition Agreement between the National Party and the ACT Party, there is a plan to "liberalise genetic engineering laws".

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