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🎬 RIVER OF FREEDOM is finishing its 3rd week of cinematic release in New Zealand. We now have a total of 49 cinemas showing our film, with quite a few of those cinemas getting in touch after seeing our AMAZING NEWS... On Thursday 21 September 2023, RIVER OF FREEDOM started the week at NUMBER ONE in the BOX OFFICE!!
On Thursday, New Zealanders preferred to watch a documentary about the generous humanity expressed by thousands of resilient protestors - despite the undignified treatment they endured by an indifferent government - over ALL the other movies currently screening in Aotearoa. Good on you! This is the true Kiwi Spirit.

We are talking directly with cinemas, without a formal distributor; we have been accepted into only a LIMITED number of wonderful supportive cinemas; and at that point, we'd had ZERO 'mainstream' media publicity. Yet... we still managed to take out the NUMBER ONE spot in the NZ Box Office on Thursday! THANK YOU, NEW ZEALAND!!

Mainstream media paying attention!

Our team were very excited to awake Sunday morning to a film review by Graeme Tuckett in Stuff! Until Sunday, we'd had no media coverage from the "mainstream" - this review is such a welcome surprise. Stuff's review is bringing our film to the wider public 💌

🔊 You may want to share Stuff's review with whānau before inviting them to the film.
We have had significant interest from people wanting a copy of the film to take home. While cinematic release around NZ is our top priority, we wanted to let you know... we are going to make this possible ​​📺
If you are able to help support our work, our small team would be extremely grateful! ❤️
For the most up-to-date information about which cinemas are showing RIVER OF FREEDOM head to our Screenings page, and click on your local cinema to go directly to their website.
With 49 cinemas around the country, it means a lot less travel for most of you, especially those watching again, and again! Some cinema-goers have told us they have tickets to see the film a FORTH time! WOW! 🥰

Ngā mihi nui, thank you so much!

A huge amount of work has gone into finishing this documentary and getting it into cinemas. Thank you to all of our supporters! Without you, this would not have been possible.
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Ngā mihi nui!