River of Freedom is a feature documentary due for release in cinemas later this year. Sharing the inside story of the New Zealand Convoy and Parliament protest in February and March 2022 - who the people were, why we were there, and what actually happened!
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The past six weeks have flown by since we sent out our first newsletter, and we are excited to have a moment to bring you another update!

Our marketing team is firing up! A marketing strategy has been initiated in preparation for the film’s release. An important part of this strategy is getting our film posters and flyers prepared and printed, ready for distribution to our neighbours, friends, and whanau. An excellent tool for sparking conversations about the film!

We are very excited to introduce to you our EP, Robin Monotti Graziadei, the cofounder of Luminous Arts Productions of London. He worked as a producer on Amir Naderi's “Mountain”, which premiered at the 73rd Venice Film Festival where Naderi received the Jaeger-Lecoultre Glory To The Filmmaker Award 2016. Robin then worked as UK producer on the Terrence Malick executive produced The Book of Vision, a journey into the history of the doctor-patient relationship starring Charles Dance, which opened the 35th International Critics Week of Venices 77th Film Festival in 2020 and the Warsaw International Film Festival 2020, and was released in Italy in 2021 and in the UK & Ireland in 2023.

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Please enjoy Robin's conversation with Eric Clapton in 2021!
The River of Freedom team would like to congratulate Samantha Blanchard (Silenced) and Alistair Harding (We Came Here For Freedom) for outstanding work in getting their films released. Making an independent documentary film is challenging at any time, however with "unapproved" topics such as ours, it is even more difficult. We need as many creative endeavours as possible to keep the voices of freedom alive. Well done!!

"A nation can't solve what the press won't let it perceive." -- Julian Assange.

Silenced - a documentary film by Samantha Blanchard, Candlelight Productions NZ
Broadcaster Peter Williams, self-deregistered GP of 40 years Dr. Anne O'Reilly, and freelance sociologist Jodie Bruning share their perspectives on how New Zealand's freedom of speech in media, medicine, and academia was impacted by suppression over the last three years.
For more information, and to watch Sam's film, go to www.silenced.co.nz

We Came Here For Freedom - a documentary film by Alistair Harding
Part 1: "The story of the 2022 New Zealand Freedom Convoy..."
Part 2: "The story of the Freedom Village... what really happened in Wellington in February and March 2022."
For more information, and to watch Alistair's film, go to www.wecamehereforfreedom.com

Sat 1 July 2023: Christchurch premiere of We Came Here For Freedom.
Front row, Left to Right:
Phil Shaw, Samantha Blanchard, Gaylene Barnes (Director, River Of Freedom),
Alistair Harding, Reece Gilmore, Meagan McNamara, Tarryn Reid,
Chantelle Baker, Julian (Voices For Freedom)

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We want to thank you all for joining us on this journey. Marketing and distribution is a mammoth job, requiring funds we don't yet have! This is an urgent request for help!

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Meagan McNamara

Gaylene Barnes

Jared Connon

River of Freedom - A Feature Documentary