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On the anniversary of the Police ambush of Freedom Village on the 2nd of March 2022, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who....
...kept the barbeques going and the sandwiches coming!
...encouraged others to keep singing! from within to let the rest of New Zealand know what has happening.
...kept up the vibe and energy, especially the Hare Krishnas!
...held the line in peace.
...refused to leave :)
...were at the receiving end of the Police's sponge grenade weapons :( in amongst it to film the spray, shots and songs.
... took care of others.
... took care of everyone's property.
... kept alive the reason we were all there.
For a moment of quiet reflection we offer you this beautiful musical recording and video with Soprano Pepe Becker and Violist Nicholas Hancox. This clip is from the Special Features of the RIVER OF FREEDOM Blu-ray, amongst another 40-50 minutes of extra scenes and musician recordings. Available very soon! Thank you for your patience.
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