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A perfect day to report that our documentary is now online in the language of Love! Yes, you can now watch River of Freedom on Youtube, Amazon, Apple TV/iTunes and VimeoOnDemand with Français subtitles! Please send to your french-speaking friends in Canada, France and French Polynesia. Thanks to Melanie, visiting New Zealand from Canada, for her tireless work in translation of 3500 lines of dialogue. :)

"Un parcours intime dans la fameuse manifestation de 2022 — un soulèvement massif en Nouvelle-Zélande contre l’un des régimes de vaccination obligatoire les plus sévères au monde."


On Valentine's Day in 2022, during the protest on Parliament grounds, there was an air of hope—the sun had come out after the cyclone and a list of demands had been drawn up and delivered. The chapter title on the DVD and Blu-ray of this day is called "Valentine's Day Delusion." We rightly expect that representative elected Members of Parliament should talk to their constituents. Instead all of our politicians, across both sides of the House, were conspiring together to collectively refuse any and all engagement with us. Two days later, Michael Wood delivers his 'river of filth' speech in Parliament - watch it in full here.

Furthermore, it was on the 14th of February that the New Zealand Police ordered 500 cans of Sabre MK-3 and 12 x Sabre MK-60 pepper spray riot-control weapons from a supplier in the US to deploy in their planned Ambush Clearance Operation, under urgency at great expense to taxpayers. This shipment was delayed because of a snowstorm... these weapons did not make it to New Zealand in time. The New Zealand Police had to 'borrow' most of their pepper spray supply from Corrections, who use it sparingly, under strict regulations. The high-pressured MK-60 pepper spray weapon can deploy pepper spray or gel up to 30 feet, in continuous bursts. This particular weapon is not approved for use, nor importation. In fact, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, based in The Hague, is investigating the legality of using these type of broad-scale chemical weapons for crowd control on civilians.

Unfortunately, this narrative did not make the final cut of the film. We have a sequence that will be in the Deleted Scenes on the Blu-ray.
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Consultation with the public close this Sunday, 18 February 2023 on the "Proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005)"! Kirsten Murfitt, was joined by Gaylene to discuss the IHR submission. You can see the two videos here on Twitter

Kirstens Cheat Sheet is available for anyone to use:

Here is Gaylene's Submission simplified from Kirsten's cheat sheet with her personal views. You are welcome to download and adapt.


The government want to hear from you. Please tell them your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use their online survey, they have two broad questions:

Question 1: Looking back – what would you like the Inquiry to know about your experiences of the pandemic?

Question 2: Moving forward – what lessons should we learn from your experiences so we can be as prepared as possible for a future pandemic?

They say "It’s fine if you only answer one question if you feel you’ve covered all the points you want to make. As part of your response to the questions, you are free to tell us about anything you think might be useful. Thinking about the first question, you might like to share your views and experiences of public health measures, such as lockdowns or mandatory use of masks, through to the effects of the pandemic on you and your family, like loss of income for example. For the second question, you might choose to focus on one or two things you experienced, and what we can learn from them – or you might describe a range of things that you, your whānau, or your community faced during the pandemic and, based on this, how we could be more prepared in the future."
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