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🥰 The RIVER OF FREEDOM team are spending this Waitangi Day long weekend remembering the beautiful smiling faces of those who lined the streets two years ago to wave through the New Zealand Convoy, and those who joined the convoy heading towards our capital, with the thousands who occupied Parliament grounds to "End The Mandates".

The day before the NZ Convoy began - 2 years ago today - Director Gaylene Barnes, along with support from driver-come-distributor Heidi Watson, had already begun interviews with those coordinating the convoy from Bluff | Motupōhue, at the bottom of the south. Cinematographer Mark Lapwood, and his driver Michael Faulkes, were camped out at the top of the north, in Cape Reinga | Te Rerenga Wairua, ready for an early morning start.

Inspired by the Canadian truckers convoying to Ottawa, we travelled from all over New Zealand. We could no longer stand by while Arden's government mandated segregation. We had no idea what would unfold, but we knew in our hearts that we had to make a stand, for medical freedom and human rights.
On Tuesday 8 February, with little coverage from the legacy media, the first vehicles arrived on Parliament grounds. After months of segregation, here were some of the most amazing people in the country, from all walks of life, united against the mandates. People called for the media, high up on their balcony, to "tell the truth!" Then tents appeared on the lawn, and the decision was made to remain until the mandates were over.

Thursday 10 February 2022 is a day that will not easily be forgotten in this country. With the backing of Trevor Mallard (Speaker of the House) and every member of parliament, Ardern’s government sent the police force out onto Parliament Lawn to forcefully remove peaceful protestors. The public were gathered on the lawn, arm-in-arm, singing Te Aroha, and God Defend New Zealand - in English and in Te Reo Māori, together as one people, to End the Mandates.

"Hold the line" people called to each other as the police pushed in and singled people out, breaking bones, crushing heads, and injuring many as they arrested the very people they were supposed to serve and protect. Producer Jared Connon was one of the 122 arrested on February 10th - many had been protesting simply to be allowed to go back to their jobs. By the end of the day, the police retreated, the protestors cheered, and people from all over New Zealand - having seen the livestream reports from our citizen journalists - got in their cars or booked out flights, and another RIVER OF FREEDOM flowed into Wellington!

Peace Picnic - Saturday 10th February

A day to commemorate all who have peacefully stood up, and are still standing up, against the mandates, the discrimination, the injustice, and the gaslighting of the vaccine-injured. The truth seekers and freedom keepers, standing up for the rights of all people, especially our children | tamariki, and our future!

Gaylene and Meagan will be in Wellington for this Peaceful Picnic on February 10th, connecting with some of the amazing humans they met 2 years ago, including some of you from the RIVER OF FREEDOM film. Sian Clement, our international publicist, will also be there - she's been very busy, researching, interviewing, and writing for the book about the film... more about that soon!

Looking forward to gathering again ☮️ ❤️ with our picnic blankets and kai, commemorating with friends and family, and hopefully a guitar. If you're not near Wellington, why not picnic in a local park with your whānau to commemorate February 10th!

Details on the Unity Village FaceBook page.

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A little thank you to the Convoy!

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