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We are pleased to report that our documentary River of Freedom is still ONLINE ;)
And now available on Amazon Prime! Having it on many mainstream channels across the world enables us to get our story out widely. The best place to find links to the film online is through our website or on the distributors website:

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The DVD and Blu-ray print of the film is underway and now available to PRE-ORDER! This will help us to get an idea of the numbers we need to print, so if you are thinking of buying one, it would be great to know? PRE-ORDER your copy now!
The BOOK is also underway by our amazing writer and researcher - it's gonna be a volume!


Oh yes.... Great sounds. Amazing musicians. Enjoy.


You asked for it - so here it is! Kirsten Murfitt, our expert in the film, is joining Gaylene (Wednesday 23 Jan, 5pm on ZOOM) to have a chat about the "Proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005)" and how you can make a submission! The government want 'your views on improving the existing IHR', with the online submission open until 18 February 2024.
Kirsten has examined the last publicly available draft of the proposed amendments and has noted several provisions that are concerning. We DO NOT want to have to protest 'vaccination mandates' or 'vaccine passes' again. These international mandatory regulations take it to another level of global organisation - they are normalising it....
We hope to discuss in detail, Article by Article, what is right (?) and what is wrong with the proposed amendments - with the aim of helping those who want to make a submission.

Join us on the Zoom Meeting!
Meeting ID: 794 5955 4774
Passcode: 1rEmiw

Read this for more information on the consultation:

Read Kirstens Open Letter:


Please rate us on our IMDb page. You'll notice this score pops up on some of the online sites. Lets beat the 1/10 ratbags... :) Click here for the review page


Gaylene is working with Lynda Wharton and The Health Forum to make an informative documentary about the New Zealanders whose lives have been turned upside down by vaccine adverse effects. What is myocarditis and pericarditis? We're asking the experts to explain. We have even spoken to a funding head from NZ On Air - and have patiently explained to him that the usual platforms (MSM) required to receive funding for NZ documentaries are unavailable to us... for some reason. 🤨 We will be applying nevertheless, and you can help!
Please SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel - if we have enough numbers we can use our River of Freedom 'platform' for a 'free-to-air' release of this related documentary, and tick their boxes. We also gave him a list of the many amazing alternative media platforms - here's hoping they branch out and become an unbiased funder of all types of voices in New Zealand - a pluralistic media is essential in a democracy.
If you want to see this documentary made, please tell us why and send in a letter of support to help us apply for funding.
Thank you good people!
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