Dear subscriber,

I am thrilled to let you know that, tonight, we are finally printing the 2K surround sound master of the documentary film RIVER OF FREEDOM.

As director of this film, I want to thank you specifically, because you have played a role in the journey of this a contributor.

I am humbled by your gifts - of your presence in the film; of your korero; of the photos or videos you sent; of the music you have shared.

To those who are in the film and have opened their hearts - I want to say a special thank you. Without your honesty and willingness to speak your truth, we would not have a film. I really hope you are able to make one of our Premiere Screenings or attend a Cinema when it opens across the country on 7 September 2023. See the link below for screening times and places.

River of Freedom is a cinematic story about how the Convoy and the Parliament and Picton protests were defending human rights and freedom of choice. Thousands of people were involved, and hundreds of people have contributed to this film - as well as all of the donations for part of the film budget. This is the peoples film, and my hope is that many New Zealanders will listen.

We have been gifted this whakataukī which epitomises our vision:

Maa te rongo ka mohio
Maa te mohio ka marama
Maa te marama ka matau
Maa te matau ka ora

Through listening comes awareness
Through awareness comes understanding
Through understanding comes knowledge
Through knowledge comes life and wellbeing

I'm really proud of what we have made, and grateful you have been involved. I look forward to sharing the film with you soon. We are working hard to deliver the film into as many cinemas as possible across the country.

Thank you and blessings on you and your whanau.
x Gaylene Barnes